Skype on Mac! Enable “Echo cancellation” and “Automatic gain control” in your Skype.

There are not many guides out there on the internet when searching for this, and nearly all the results on Google is from 2007. (And the 10 out of 10, I tried did not work)

Example of shared.xml (Click to see large version)

So here is how you do it! …with the latest version of Skype! And that works with ANY user that logs into Skype on your Mac (under your Mac User account).

You need to edit this file: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Skype/shared.xml
This can be done in many ways, just choose a editor you like (TextEdit, nano, vim, etc.)

Find the line with <VoiceEng>, just below that, add:


Confused? Take a look at the attached image :) The spaces in front of it is just some [space]’s for making it pretty.

Close Skype, save (shared.xml), start Skype again. And now your friends wont hear them self again when talking with you. :)

Explaination of the two lines you added:

EC is Echo cancellation, it prevents your Skype friends to hear themself while they are talking to you. (If you are using speakers)
AGC is Automatic gain control, it turns your volume control up (for your mic) if you are very low, and if your yelling all the time, it turns it down again.

The number 1 means TRUE, that its enabled.
If you change the number 1 to 0, it become FALSE, and is therefor disabled.

I hope this helps with your Skype’ing on Mac. It might not help you, but your Skype friends will be thankful when its enabled.

While making this guide i was on Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), with Skype (2011).
Please write in the comment what versions you are using, and if it worked or not. (It helps future Googling people).

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