How to use?
Well, it’s really simple. File > Create a new Torrent. And just look at the screenshot above how to fill it out.
But if you need a long explaining, try reading
It’s a good idea to select Private torrent if you have some private stuff. This will disable DHT and other crap.

Where are the index?
There are no index/listings… its just a tracker…

Any rules?
Hm…. I will kindly ask you not to use this trackers in torrents resulting in unauthorized distribution of copyrighted files (movies, music, games and so on).
(We don’t want to have a visit from the police because you fucked everything up. We know where you live.)

And just FYI..

  • We do not have any content.
  • We are not a bittorrent site, we are just a tracker, we can not see what content is behind an info_hash.
  • We don’t have any torrent files, a BitTorrent download CAN NOT be started without a torrent file.
  • We can’t give you any IP addresses in any other way than normal tracker usage.
  • We don’t have any logs or ways to trace previous connections, It’s not technically possible to trace connection history due to the sheer volume of connections.
    The only information that is possible to keep is the current torrent swarm.

But, a tracker is all about sharing illegal stuff?
Are you sure about that? If I want to share my legally home made videos, and they are in FULL HD. More than, lets say 200GB. Should i use Dropbox for that?
Let put it this way, if I use Dropbox for my files I will have a upload speed of 170kbyte/s, and when I hit the limit I’m fucked.
With this tracker and torrent, all my files to straight to my friends. If I have gigabit internet, I can upload with gigabit speed!
BitTorrent is a P2P technology, a direct connection – It’s the fastest way to send (many) files.

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